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Why Her Legal Global?

Lawyer, Faye Gelb, Founder, Her Legal Global

If you feel that you are running into brick walls in your legal career, you are not alone. My name is Faye Gelb, I am a Canadian lawyer called almost 30 years ago, who left law, and then returned. I’ve learned many lessons along the way but I was shocked to learn that women in law continue to face the same challenges and roadblocks I experienced when I started out. I couldn’t help but ask:

"Why hasn’t anything changed for women in the legal profession?"

That is why I created Her Legal Global.

Her Legal Global is a community for you to empower your legal career if you want to:

  • strategically learn how to plan for and avoid issues women continue to face such as pay inequity,
  • take action by learning critical skills from top experts that will transform your career, and
  • be supported in your journey by a community of women and female mentors.

How is Her Legal Global different than free groups?

We include US and Canadian women together.

We welcome all stages of career from law student to partner.

We are not geographically limited to a State or Province.

We include solos to big law and everything in between.

We include all areas of law.

We are focused on the common experience of being a woman in law.

Are you ready for this type of support? 

Our members in Her Legal Global love us!

Her Legal Global Founding Member Senior lawyer

"Here we can embrace different styles with a common goal to bring us optimal results. This is our space to explore and connect! I'm excited for the opportunities that Her Legal Global creates for all of us."

Senior Lawyer, Julie Asselin, Ontario & Quebec

Member, Angelika Grodna Pantera on Her Legal Global

"Her Legal Global gives me the opportunity to meet and learn from experts and lawyers, and also share my knowledge and support others. It is a fantastic platform where I can find honest conversations about the legal world."

Angelika Grodna-Pantera, called 2020, Ontario (Licensed Lawyer in Poland 2013)

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Founding member Her Legal Global Gabriela Kratchanov

"Women in law need the help of each other to grow. Her Legal Global is the component that's been missing, a place for women in law to get that support as they grow their career."

Gabriela Kratchanov, called 2019, Ontario

How does Her Legal Global work?


  • We are a skills based community.
  • Podcasts from top experts in their fields provide actionable skills on key areas.
  • Our podcasts have themes and a framework.
  • By listening to the podcasts on the app whenever it is convenient, you'll learn actionable information.
  • The Podcasts build on one another. Each month we have a theme. All the podcasts relate to that theme. All the skills relate to that theme. Just be listening to the podcasts, you will receive multiple skills over approximately one month.
  • The Podcasts are supported with challenges that implement your knowledge, the ability to share wins, and roadmaps.


  • The skills are provided in a community setting to allow us to share the journey, network and socialize.
  • Elite mentors with 30+ years experience guide you in your journey.
  • A virtual coffee once a month and bi-weekly group coaching conversations lets you share the journey in an empowered way.

THE Community APP

  • All in one place.
  • Accessible at anytime.
  • Completely at your convenience.

Multiple responsibilities don't have to prevent you from empowering your career right now.

Who provides the ELITE MENTORING on Her Legal Global?

Access the Advantage of an Elite Mentor 30 + years of experience

  • Instant access to outstanding mentoring
  • Ask questions that you can't ask elsewhere
  • Learn their tips on how to successfully navigate the legal world
  • Learn the secrets to how they achieved incredible success
  • Learn how they have excelled in high pressured environments
Her Legal Global Elite Mentor Judith Gordon. women in law

Judith Gordon

Founder of LeaderEsQ, LLC and Center for Thriving in Law

Judith is a high performance coach and founder of LeaderEsQ, LLC, a consultancy focusing on her core mission to empower legal professionals. She also founded the Center for Thriving in Law where she provides a digital learning platform for lawyers, law students and legal professionals.

Judith is on the faculty of UCLA Law School where she has taught for the past 9 years.

Judith's publications have been featured in Law Practice Today, Law360, An Actionable Business Journal and the American Bar Association.

Female lawyer, Mentoring for Women Lawyers, Women in Law

Sharon Druker

Senior Partner, Business Law Group, Robinson Sheppard Shapiro LLP

A member of the Quebec Bar since 1986 and the Law Society of Ontario since 1990, she heads her firm's Corporate Department, is a Business Law Group’s newsletter contributor, is a CLE Committee, Montreal, Quebec and Canadian Bar Associations member.

Included since 2015 in the Corporate Law category in Best Lawyers in Canada, and named in the 2004, 2006 and 2008 editions of Femmes de tête – Le répertoire des femmes canadiennes qualifiées pour siéger aux conseils d’administration, a directory of women recommended as directors.

Recipient of the Femmes de carrière en interaction’s 2006 Award of Excellence. Recipient of the Quebec Women in Finance Association’s Recognition Award in 2010 and 2012.

Her Legal Global Mentor Agnes Di Leonardi, women in the law, female lawyers

Agnes Di Leonardi

Corporate Commercial Lawyer, Order of Canada Recipient

Agnes specialties include privacy compliance, consumer law, purchasing / contract management, advertising law, product labeling, F & I products, corporate governance & compliance, financial, litigation management and automotive law.

Since 2009, She has been the Founding Director and Current President and Board Chair of Emerging Leaders' Dialogues Canada Inc. which brings together emerging leaders from all walks of life to foster leadership through shared dialogues and experiences.

Past President of the International Women's Forum of Canada, the global organization of women to advance women's leadership.

Who provides the EXPERT INFORMATION in Her Legal Global Podcasts?

We collaborate with experts who are at the top of their fields worldwide!

Experts who tells us exactly how to do the skills we need to address our challenges and issues woman face in law.

We seek answers on such issues as:

  • How to empower our communication and stop sabotaging ourselves with messages we don't intend to send.
  • How to define a path to success that avoids needless stress and anxiety.
  • How to network without falling flat on our faces or suffering social angst.

And so much more.

Reviews of Her Legal Global Podcast where we Interview Top Experts to Obtain Skills!

Inspiring Podcast for lawyers 5 Stars

This is exactly the kind of podcast I have been missing and craving in my life. As a lawyer who is just starting her career, I really appreciate the content that the podcast provides. Each interview is very inspiring and provides very practical advice to someone who is navigating the legal sphere. It’s interesting to hear from different experts in the field and learn about the paths they are pursuing. I always learn something new from the different guests and highly value the practical advice. Keep them coming, Faye. By Linda the Lawyer

Thought provoking and helpful 5 Stars

As a young female lawyer, I have been blown away with the level of detail this podcast offers. Navigating the legal field has always been hard, but Faye and the guests she brings on help to build an arsenal of tools for all of the challenges you may face . With thought provoking discussions and useful tips, it is easy to feel supported through the marathon that is a legal career. By gkrat

Excellent content for both young and experienced lawyers 5 Stars

 The Her Legal Global podcast provided by Faye Gelb is an excellent addition to legal podcasts, and covers a  variety of topics to help both young and experienced lawyers achieve continued success through self-mastery while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Andrea Prunariu

Great podcast 5 Stars

If you are looking for podcasts that will help you thrive in law, don’t look further. These podcasts are very insightful and helpful in navigating challenges lawyers face in their everyday practice. By

Just some of the Top Experts who have provided skills to empower you.

Carrie-Swift, Expert, Her Legal Global.jpg

Carrie Swift, Coach, Founder of Love Public Speaking, UK

Create a Client Network that Works!

ollaboration, Her Legal Global, Mindshift, Business

Sharlene Lynch, Creator of the MINDSHIFT program, Australia

How to Mindshift for Legal Career Success

er Legal Global collaborates, Shola Kaye

Shola Kaye, Empathy & Inclusion TEDx and Keynote Speaker, UK

Confident Communication under Pressure

er Legal Global, expert, sales coach, women in the law

Amanda Armstrong Career & Sales Coach, Canada

How to Define Success in Law

irstin Lund, Her Legal Global, conflict coach, mediator

Kirstin Lund Conflict Coach, Canada

Lawyer Personality Type Impacts Communication

Her Legal Global podcast, women lawyers, female lawyers, coaching

Lora N. McInturf Executive Coach, The Inner Advocate, Europe

Why Better Listening Matters to Career Success

Expert Her Legal Global, Bena Stock, lawyers, women in law, female lawyers

Bena Stock Succeed Counselling, Canada

Fixing the Confidence Gap that Lawyers Secretly Feel

Belong. Be Supported. Be Welcomed. Be transformed.

"Her Legal Global provides a unique opportunity for women lawyers to network while developing their own skills. Thanks to the informal virtual coffees, group coaching from successful legal professionals, access to valuable training resources, and overall supportive environment, Her Legal Global is a great place to accelerate your legal career!"

Ariella Coleman, Founder The Wellness Esquire

Wellness Esquire, Lawyer Wellness, Tips for Wellness

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