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What are your next steps if you are unhappy in law?

If you feel stuck without options, know that being unhappy in law does not take away all your choices. Learn 2 steps you can take now to design your empowered career!

Read - Next Steps if you are unhappy in law!

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First Generation Lawyers

Learn from those Practicing

Lawyer Health and Wellness

Are you a First Generation Lawyer?

As a First Generation Lawyer you are the first in your family to blaze a path which can sometimes be lonely, overwhelming and confusing. But, along with the responsibility and expectations of others in your family who may be riding a lot of hopes and dreams on your success, is the ability to do something that others with in the legal profession may not have as much freedom to do. You have the ability to take your values and desires and propel them into the areas you want to practice, with whom and how. And with that, there is a lot of freedom to be you. Embrace the unique story of being a first generation lawyer and learn from others who have blazed their own unique path before you.

Is Being a First Generation Lawyer a Detriment?

Learn why the definition of First Generation Lawyers is part of the issue, what you are facing and what you can do about it with 4 quick steps.

Immigrating to Canada as a Lawyer - One Woman's Success Story

Learn how one woman is well on her way to a successful immigration to Canada. Determined, resilient and strategic, experienced Nigerian firm founder and law firm owner, 'Funke Fasunon is ready to bring her extensive experience to her Canadian articles.

5 Ways for First-Generation Lawyers to Achieve Long-Term Success

Long-term success for first generation lawyers can be achieved. Check out these 5 ways for you as a first generation attorney to achieve your goals. You'll be surprised at the simplicity!

7 First Generation Lawyers on Succeeding in Law

How do you pave a path as a first generation lawyer? Learn from 7 First generation lawyers who have blazed their own journey in law. Get their tips for succeeding!

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Learn From those with Practicing Experience!

Her Legal Global Blog talks to women in law who have the practice experience to guide you in your career decisions. Learn what these women have to say about a multitude of topics including succeeding in all male firms, building their own practices or firms and putting yourself on the partner track (and if it is for you.) Learn from the women who are traveling the legal journey and sharing their wisdom with you.

7 Tips to Succeed When Joining an All-Male Law Firm

Curious about being the only woman in the room? Learn how 3 women in law navigated an all male law firm!

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Read about Joining an All Male Firm

Female Founders on How to Build a Better Law Practice

8 Female Founders of law firms the key steps to take to build a better law practice

Included: 7 Steps to a Building a Better Practice.

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5 Women Partners on How to Achieve Partner Success in Law

Learn the secrets to successfully becoming a partner from 5 women who are thriving in their practices.

Get the bonus Roadmap to Partner Success.

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5 Ways you Could be Killing your Legal Career

Learn the 5 ways you could be killing your career without knowing it.

Our mindset might be "law doesn't need much planning" but a career that we spend time proactively and strategically planning may mean the difference between staying in law or leaving in frustration. Learn why.  

Think Outside the Box, legal career, ntraditional legal paths, alternative legal providers, practicing law

How to Think Outside the Box in Your Legal Career

Thinking outside the box might be the fastest way for you to achieve success in law. Here's what to consider!

BONUS: Roadmap to Strategic Career Success - 9 quick tips

pivoting your legal career, successful career pivoting, legal career, pivoting

9 Tips to Successfully Pivot in Your Legal Career

Legal Career paths are not always exactly planned out. Pivoting can be exciting and energizing if you know the steps to take and are prepared. Learn how.

BONUS: Roadmap to Legal Career Pivoting

Lawyer Health and Productivity

More content for your business means more blog posts, product descriptions, social ads, and whatever your brand needs to sell more and scale fast. Consistent and quality content is a roadblock for a lot of businesses online, but with a North Star content plan, it won’t be a blocker for your growth.

6 Steps to Being a More Resilient Lawyer

Resilience was always a mystery to me. Pushing through seemed easy except when it wasn't. Learn 6 steps that you can use right now to build your resilience.

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How to Achieve Lawyer Wellness

Ready to learn the secrets to lawyer wellness? We asked 7 female attorneys to share their tips - you'll be surprised!

Lawyer Wellness, Her Legal Global Wellness in law

Emotional Intelligence Makes You a Better Lawyer

High Performance Coach, Judith Gordon gives you 4 steps to achieve better emotional intelligence. Thrive through stress. Learn how!

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Sophia Castillo Partner, Downey Brand LLP USA LinkedIn

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Shawna D. Vasilko Dobson Law, USA

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Sharon A. Roberts Partner Field LLP Canada LinkedIn

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Jacquie Stevens Partner Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP Canada LinkedIn

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Vivian Nitri Foresters Financial, USA

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Funke Fasunon Legal Researcher, Business Lawyer Canada

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Heather R. Sweren Partner Brodsky, Renehan, Pearlstein & Bouquet, Chartered, USA LinkedIn

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Michelle Wassenaar Method Law, Canada LinkedIn

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Melissa Rosenblum Criminal Trial Attorney USA LinkedIn

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Claire Melehani Gates Eisenhart Dawson LinkedIn

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Andrea Henry Henry Business Law, Canada LinkedIn

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Sharon G. Druker Partner Robinson Sheppard Shapiro LLP Canada LinkedIn

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Stacey O'Neill Family Justice Policy, Canada LinkedIn

Gabriela Kratchanov, All Male Law Firm, Founding Member Her Legal Global

Gabriela Kratchanov Spiteri & Ursulak, Canada

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Ariella Coleman, Founder Wellness Esquire, USA LinkedIn

First Generation Articling Student

Nicole Pepin Articling Student, Kirwin LLP, Canada LinkedIn

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Rafeena Bacchus Mediator, Bacchus Legal

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Anne-Genevieve Gauthier Canadian Lawyer LinkedIn

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Emily Caplan Caplan Law Firm, USA LinkedIn

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Samantha Seabrook Seabrook Workplace Law, Canada LinkedIn

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Aida Dismondy Business Lawyer, USA LinkedIn